Can Dogs Eat Seaweed? The Answer May Surprise You!

Did you know that seaweed is rich in magnesium, iodine, omega-3, and iron?

But, is seaweed good for your doggy friend?

Well, it is always good to look a human food up before feeding it to your dog as many human foods can be potentially dangerous with your fluffy-tailed friend.

In this blog post, I’ll address the question Can dogs eat seaweed? and go into more detail about the nutritional facts, benefits, etc.

So, are you ready?

Let’s get started!

Can dogs Eat Seaweed


The Puppy Talk: Can Puppies Eat Seaweed?

Puppies aged less than 8 weeks should only exclusively drink their mother’s milk.

After that, you can start by introducing your puppy slowly to solid (yet soft!) foods such as puppy kibble, wet food, etc.

And, this is a good time to introduce your new puppy to some sea weed.

Seaweed is good for puppies at this age.

But, do make sure that:

  • You only introduce small amounts of it at first
  • It should always be cooked
  • It must be used as a supplement

Other than that…

I would highly recommend that you monitor your puppy closely to see whether or not your puppy’s digestive system can take this food.

Always keep in mind that puppies don’t necessarily need seaweed in their diet as they get all of the nutrients they require from their kibble itself.

Never feed your dog seaweed as a meal. I’ll talk about that later in this blog post.

Moving on…

Can Dogs Eat Seaweed: The Nutritional Benefits

can dogs eat seaweed off the beach


The answer is yes.

Dogs can eat seaweed.

Many people believe that since dogs are carnivorous and they don’t need vegetables at all.

That is not true.

The truth is that dogs do need some vegetation in their food bowls. Hunting dogs get their fix from the undigested food in their prey’s stomach!

And, seaweed actually has a lot of nutritional benefits for your doggy friends.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

  • Kelp is a form of seaweed famous for restorative properties which help with your doggy’s skin as well as tissue repair and helps your dog get a glossy and healthy coat
  • Nori--another type of seaweed-- has high amounts of vitamin B12 which help improve your doggy’s cognitive functions
  • Fatty acids in seaweeds also help your doggy friends as they help promote joint health
So, you see, seaweed has a lot of benefits for your doggy friends!

But, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind...

Moderation is Key!

We have just established that seaweed is good for your dog.

It’s true.

And, so is the saying ‘excess of everything is bad’.

So, what I’m trying to boil down to is the fact that seaweed is only good for your dog to a certain point.

Did you know that over-use of seaweed can lead to arsenic poisoning?

Yes, it does.

In fact…

The Verdict: Can dogs Eat Seaweed?

why do dogs eat seaweed


Seaweed is not at all bad for your doggy friends and can be fed to them as a supplement or a treat.

I would highly recommend you to talk to your vet before feeding your doggy friend some seaweed as he knows your dog’s health the best and it’s always a good idea to check things in with your vet first!

Other than that…

Seaweed does have a lot of benefits for humans and dogs alike.

That being said, dogs don’t necessarily need seaweed in their diet as they get all the nutrients they need from their kibble!

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