How To Fatten Up A Dog

If you own a dog, you are bound to notice a few changes with it in terms of weight. Yes, it is possible for the dogs to end up being underweight if it is not eating right. So, why would you want to fatten up your dog?

Well, a number of people would have their own reasons, but you simply want your dog to look good. Most people tend to judge the owner mostly if the dog is not to the right weight.

We get to look at some of the ways you can adopt to make sure that the dog fattens up.

How to Fatten Up A Dog


How To Fatten Up A Dog ?

1. First Understand The Reason For Being Underweight


Most people would jump to the conclusion of increase the food quantity instead of being understanding why the dog is underweight. A quick example is when your dog has been raising a litter of greedy puppies.

You can be sure that in such a condition the dog will definitely be underweight. For a rescue dog that has been mistreated for a while will also lose weight. Some of such issues would be easy to fix and get the dog back to the road of gaining more weight.


2. Assess The Health Of Your Dog

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It is possible that different kinds of illness would interfere with the dog’s ability to process food. It is the reason you can get some dogs losing weight when they are sick.

For a dog with issues of health, you would always be sure that it would have a reduced appetite, lack of energy when you want to play with it among other signs.

3. Take The Dog To The Vet


If you end up suspecting that the dog is ill, then you have to consider a trip to the vet. The vet would give the dog a close exam to identify the reasons why your dog is suddenly losing its appetite.

It is always better to get the dog checked before the problem gets worse. Always keep in mind the professional care to keep the dog’s appetite up once again.

4. Tweak The Type Of Food

The type of food you are going to feed your dog will always have an impact on the weight of the dog. Some of the food would have more calories than others.

You have to check on the food label to understand the building blocks of the food. Not all the types of food would be great for the dog, so you have to choose correctly.

While still at the vet, consider asking about the different types of food he could recommend for the dog. With the right food, you should see a considerable change in the weight of the dog.

5. Keep The Dog Less Stressed


You always have to keep your dog less stressed. It is common knowledge that your dog might often refuse to eat whenever it is stressed.

The moment you offer such a dog food for sensitive stomach , you can be sure it would not eat. It would wait until you are not around to even touch the food.

It is important that you get to keep the dog happy by playing with it to relieve it the issues of stress. Each time you take care of the dog, it would feel loved and get relieved of its stress issues.


If you are going to fatten up your dog, you definitely have to understand the problem first. Make sure that you consider the high-calorie foods to see some difference. The dogs are highly active, so more energy is needed thus the need for high-calorie foods. Do not also go further to make it overweight.

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