How To Put a Dog To Sleep Home Remedies

Putting your dog to sleep may be one of the toughest decisions that you’ll have to make.

However, putting your dog to sleep may be the most humane thing to do to end his suffering and granting him a quick and painless death. After all, watching your furry companion suffer is one of the worst things you can witness.

There are many ways to put your dog to sleep.

The home remedies for putting a dog to sleep are known to be less reliable and efficient when compared to seeking the medical advice of your vet.

However, I understand that sometimes the vet fees can be extremely high.

In this blog post, I’d like to go through a few home remedies that can help you put your dog to sleep.

Let’s begin.

How To Put a Dog To Sleep Home Remedies: Figuring Out the Right Time

How to Put a Dog to Sleep Home Remedies


When you make the decision to euthanize your dog, you do not want to be too early or too late in making the said decision.

In order to make the right decision, you must seek the professional advice of your vet and observe your dog as well.

One thing that most dog owners rely on is comparing the good days with the bad days.

This is perhaps the most simple way of making the grave decision. You need to compare the ratio of good days with the bad ones. If your dog is having more bad days compared to the good ones then, perhaps you must decide for euthanasia.

One more thing that can help you make the right decision is whether or not your dog can do the things he loves—like going for walks, eating, etc.

If your dog is unable to do those things, then, probably it is time to let go.

Getting Ready For The Final Goodbye

When you feel that you have made the right decision, you need to get yourself and your furry friend ready for the final goodbye.

You should take your time to say goodbye to your dog and do the things that he loves and enjoys for it would be the last time that you’d be able to do it. So, take your dog to his favorite park, give him the food that he likes, take him out to his favorite spot of the beach—do what you always did together.

Saying goodbye is hard but what you must realize is that you made the right decision for your furry friend. After all, your dog deserves a peaceful death.

How To Put A Dog To Sleep Home Remedies

a few home remedies that can help you put your dog to sleep.


First and foremost, I would urge you to visit your vet and take his opinion before you try any home remedies.

The thing to note is that home remedies do not usually work very well and may even end up doing more damage to your dog’s health. So, it is imperative that you weigh the pros and cons before you go on trying everything else.

Putting your dog to sleep at home will probably be the most comfortable thing for your furry friend as the environment is familiar and your dog won’t be as scared as he might be in a hospital.

Choose your dog’s favorite spot and stay with him for as long as you need to.

Following are a few home remedies for euthanasia at home:

  • Sleeping pills: A thick paste of human sleeping pills given to the dog. This may cause more harm than good.
  • Arsenicum album  30C: This has bad side effects that include fear, restlessness, discomfort, etc.
  • Arentula  cubensis 30C: This has the same side effects as the former, however, the symptom of fear is lesser.
  • Having a vet visit your house: This is one of the most reliable methods as the vet is a professional who knows what he must do so that your pet may have a peaceful death
  • Tylenol and aspirin: These in high doses can be used as well but they may end up harming your dog

Final Words

You may find a lot of home remedies that you can use to put your dog to sleep. However, one thing that you must know is that none of them are 100% effective and may end up causing more harm than good.

So, I would suggest that you take the professional opinion of a vet as they know more about your pet’s health than you do.

Try to make your dog as comfortable as possible for the inevitable end.

Have you ever had to euthanize your dog at home with sleeping pills? Help others out by leaving a comment…


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