what do dogs Do All ay?

Have you ever wondered what your dog does all day? Have you asked yourself what he is up to when you are not at home? While what dogs do when you away vary most end up investigating, playing, sleeping, eating and guarding.

Just like us, they have a routine habit that they tend to follow. Depending on its age, breed and individual temperament, you may have to adjust what you leave your pet to do. But what do dogs do all day? Here are some of the things that dogs love to do when you are watching

what do dogs do all day

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What Do Dogs Do All Day?


Sleep And Rest

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When dogs have exhausted themselves or when they do not have anything else to do, they usually look for a nice spot to sleep. Because of the warmth, they prefer sunny areas.

However, if there are couches or a pet bed they like to retreat to these places. If you do not train them well, dogs might even jump up to your beds with some snuggling under the covers or burrowing down. The amount of time that the dog sleeps depends on its physical needs and preferences


Observing And Guarding

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When dogs notice that there is something constant such as a traffic of people, they enjoy watching it. This is a passive engagement with some of them quietly sitting or just resting as they watch.

Depending on their moods some might become more interactive or aggressive and bark, whine, or howl.

In fact, if there is nothing much to watch it’s advisable to leave for them the TV on. As descendants of wolves, dogs also like guarding things. They also like to keep watch because of their true feelings of possessiveness.



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As curious animals, dogs usually want to investigate things. They like listening to the sounds that things make, looking at and sniffing them and Like humans they might also try to move things from one place to another thinking that they are not in the right places.

Some trained dogs may also get rid of things that they think are misplaced.



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If you are usually gone for hours, your dog may get hungry and start eating. In most instances, they go to their food bowls to look for something to eat.

Although this might be a quick detour they like to pick on tasty and hard foods that they can chew for while. To ensure that they are comfortable, always place some bowls around the house and use food puzzles to provide them with some mental stimulation.

Since dogs are very active, it’s also important to leave toys around which they can play with.

Wrap up

In all these, you must remember that dogs are social animals. Just like humans, they can get bored and lonely. It’s, therefore, very important to learn some tips that you can use to take care of them.

Also, you should note that there are many breeds and each one has its own characteristic. By researching about their traits, you can better understand how to take care of them. This can also help you to prevent the dog from peeing in the house.

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