What Happens To a Dog Who Eats Table Scraps?

If your dog’s regular meal is a nutritionally complete balanced diet then giving him occasional table scraps is not bad. However, letting him to over indulge on tasty people’s food can bring you problems. With her tail wagging, giving him table scraps might seem like a playful gesture but in the end, it’s not good. But what happens to a dog who eats table scraps?

What Happens To a Dog Who Eats Table Scraps

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What Happens To A Dog Who Eats Table Scraps?

Table Scraps May Be Too Fatty:

Feeding your dog on excessive table scraps can lead to obesity. A dog who regularly feed on fatty table scraps does not eat a nutritionally balanced diet which causes poor health. Eating significant amounts of fatty table scraps can also cause acute pancreatitis.

A Begging Dog Is Not A Good Dog:

dog ate chocolate chip cookies

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If you continuously feed your dog on table scraps it means you are encouraging him to beg which is not a good thing. Do not allow your dog to sit comfortably under the table waiting for you to throw him scraps. This kind of habit can also be disgusting and annoying especially if you have a guest around.

Dogs’ Stomachs’ Are Much Different From Humans:

Feeding your dog on human food is not a very good practice because their stomachs’ are quite different from ours. Also, if you have a smaller dog eating large quantities of table scraps can impact negatively on its body. Before sharing your meal with your dog, think about this.

Many People’s food Are Bad

Dangerous foods for dogs

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Many tasty people’s foods are bad for the dog , toxic, and dangerous for canines. Cow’s products are not only bad but can also cause stomach upset and diarrhea. Also, broken cooked bones can pierce their gastrointestinal walls leading to more health complications. Moreover, alcohol, candy, chocolates, caffeine and fatty foods contain some chemicals which are not good for the dog.

Letting your dog get used to table scraps can also be challenging when you are traveling away. But you must first ask yourself how much does it cost to board a dog which is between $12- $26 a day depending on the facilities

What To Do If You Can’t Stop Feeding Your Dog On Table Scraps

If you can’t avoid feeding your pet dog on table scraps, it’s important to know these rules.

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Never Give Him Junk Food

Never feed your dog junk foods such as potato chips, fries, pizza or candies. Only give him healthy foods such as baked potato, plain rice, oatmeal or cooked chicken.

Be Moderate

If you can’t avoid this, the best thing to do is to be moderate. Factor in the table scraps into his daily meals so that you can give him less of his normal food. Above all, try as much as possible to balance his diet.

Be Keen On The Toxic Stuff

Avoid giving your dog foods that are usually poisonous to animals such as grapes, raisins, cooked bones, chocolates, walnuts and fruit pits. You can also cook something for them by following a good recipe

Wrap Up

Although there are human foods that you can feed your dog such as rice, vegetables, and pasta, in general feeding them on table scraps is not good. Do enough research to know what happens to your dog if it eats table scraps to ensure that you are not feeding him on dangerous stuff.

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